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Bankstown City

Employment locations - All industries

The destination zone with the greatest number (5,971) of workers employs 9.4% of Bankstown City workforce.

Place of Work data, mapped to Destination Zones, provide an excellent spatial representation of where each industry's economic activity is conducted within Bankstown City.

Some industries are clustered in business parks, or along major transport routes. Others are associated with institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals.

Employment locations data should be viewed in conjunction with Workers Place of Residence data to see how far people travel to get to employment in Bankstown - LFR, and with Total Employment and Businesses data to see the total size of industries in the area.

Data presented here show the number of workers per destination zone at the 2011 Census. This has been derived from the ABS imputed dataset using methodology from the Bureau of Transport statistics, and adjusts for Census undercount. Value-added data is based on the average productivity per worker by industry and is designed to give a guide to the value of economic activity occurring in each zone, as of the 2011-12 financial year.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – Census 2006 and 2011 – by place of work

Did you know? By clicking/tapping on a destination zone you are able to view data on all industries for selected area. Click/tap multiple areas to view aggregated data.