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Bankstown City

Tourism and hospitality workforce

In 2011, there were 2,498 people who make up the tourism and hospitality workforce in Bankstown City, of this 45.5% worked full-time and 49.1% worked part-time.

Tourism and hospitality are key industries in many parts of Australia, but it has not been well represented in economic profiles in the past due to the difficulty in defining it.

The tourism and hospitality industries are defined by the ABS not as regular industries but as a set of occupation categories working across a number of industries.

This page presents some key statistics for tourism and hospitality workers in Bankstown City with comparisons to benchmark areas. Tourism and hospitality data should be viewed in conjunction with the Industry sector analysis page for the accomodation sector, which has modelled estimates of the size of the industry on an annual basis. The Employment locations page will show where accommodation activity is taking place and the Local workers section will reveal the characteristics of accommodation workers.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – Census 2006 and 2011 – by place of work
Tourism and hospitality workforce
Bankstown City20112006Change
NameNumber%New South Wales %% of total industry in Bankstown CityNumber%New South Wales %% of total industry in Bankstown City2006 to 2011
Tourism workforce------------------
Total workers2,498100.0100.04.52,425100.0100.04.1+73
Age structure------------------
15 to 24 years63425.428.59.660424.928.77.5+30
25 to 44 years88335.339.33.792037.940.43.5-37
45 to 54 Years57923.218.54.253622.118.83.7+43
55 to 64 Years34313.711.23.830612.610.43.6+37
65 years and over592.42.43.5592.41.84.50
Hours worked------------------
Part time1,22749.148.18.21,06944.145.97.3+158
Full time1,13645.546.13.01,20949.948.02.9-73
Bachelor or higher degree2459.813.31.91516.210.81.4+94
Advanced diploma or diploma26410.610.84.62048.48.83.9+60
Certificate level41316.519.73.340416.719.43.0+9
No qualifications1,46558.651.66.81,49061.455.15.8-25
Born overseas1,18747.536.44.81,04243.032.54.3+145
Birthplace not stated421.71.35.9502.12.13.8-8
Speaks a language other than English1,32252.931.25.21,09945.326.44.6+223
Individual income------------------
Nil to $5991,38955.653.59.4----------
$600 to $1,49992136.939.53.1----------
$1500 to $1,999753.02.91.3----------
$2,000 or more 712.82.71.8----------
Method of travel to work------------------
Car driver &/or passenger1,61264.552.53.71,56664.650.93.4+46
Public transport2048.215.46.81666.813.85.6+38

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2006 and 2011. Compiled and presented by .id , the population experts.

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