Bathurst Regional Council area


The Bathurst Regional Council area is located in inland New South Wales, to the west of Sydney. The Council area encompasses a total land area of over 3,800 square kilometres, and includes rural and expanding residential areas, with some commercial and industrial land use. The main urban centre is Bathurst, with numerous small villages. Much of the rural land is used for timber production and agriculture, particularly sheep and cattle grazing, with some orcharding, crop farming and market gardening.

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NOTE: The land use shown in the map is derived from ABS Mesh Block categories. Mesh Blocks broadly identify land use and are not designed to provide definitive land use. It is purely an indicator of the main planned land use for a Mesh Blocks. For more information please refer to ABS Mesh Block categories.

Transportation Networks

  • Great Western Highway
  • Mid Western Highway
  • Mitchell Highway
  • Main Western railway line
  • Bathurst Airport


  • Sydney GPO 200km
  • Sydney Airport 210km
  • Port Botany 220km
  • Sydney Cove 200km

Major Industrial Precincts

  • Kelso (southern part)

    Bathurst Regional Council

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