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Household expenditure

In 2019/20, household expenditure on utilities was $4,384 in the City of Brimbank, lower compared to Victoria.

Household Expenditure is modelled based on a set of expenditure items collected every 5 years in the ABS Household Expenditure Survey. Household Expenditure is a useful measure of the economic resources available to households in the area and where their income is spent. Areas with good public transport infrastructure and access to jobs may spend less on transport and more on discretionary spending such as entertainment. More disadvantaged areas may spend a higher proportion of their income on food and transport. An examination of the distribution of household spending per household may provide insights into the socio-economic status of the area.

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National Economics (NIEIR) - Modelled series

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Household expenditure
City of Brimbank2019/202014/15Change
Household expenditure (totals)$ per household% of expenditureVictoriaVictoria$$ per household% of expenditureVictoriaVictoria$2014/15 - 2019/20
Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco$3,1353.4%$4,1963.7%$4,4604.3%$5,1714.5%-1,325
Clothing & Footwear$3,0063.2%$4,0433.6%$3,3493.3%$3,9283.4%-343
Furnishings & equipment $4,0594.4%$5,3454.7%$4,2854.2%$4,9404.3%-226
Recreation & Culture$8,7479.4%$10,9839.7%$10,1179.9%$11,2509.8%-1,370
Education $5,0885.5%$6,4595.7%$5,5795.4%$6,4455.6%-491
Hotels, Cafes & Restaurants $3,8924.2%$5,1814.6%$4,9984.9%$6,3095.5%-1,105
Miscellaneous Goods & Services $13,97815.1%$17,11915.2%$15,31914.9%$17,17814.9%-1,341
Total Expenditure$92,793100.0%$112,880100.0%$102,686100.0%$115,070100.0%-9,893
Net Savings$12,07411.5%$15,52512.1%$8,6977.8%$12,87910.1%+3,377
Total Disposable Income$104,8670%$128,4050%$111,3840%$127,9490%-6,516

Source: National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) ©2021. Compiled and presented in by .id informed decisions. Data are based on a 2016-17 price base for all years. NIEIR-ID data are inflation adjusted each year to allow direct comparison, and annual data releases adjust previous years’ figures to a new base year. Learn more

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