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Business locations - Manufacturing

Manufacturing has 472 active and registered for GST businesses in Cairns. The largest subcategory within this is Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Manufacturing.

The Australian Business Register is a register of all business entities and sole traders in Australia, based on Australian Business Numbers (ABNs), maintained by the Australian Taxation Office.

Data from the ABR is useful in planning and economic development, to identify the spatial patterns of businesses across Cairns, clusters and change in business growth patterns across the area.

The raw business register dataset contains large numbers of ABNs which are not relevant to local government planning, including trusts, superannuation funds, non-active businesses and micro businesses not registered for GST. These have been filtered out of the data presented here, to provide a more meaningful dataset for Local Government Decision making.

Data are presented as aggregates of ABNs at the Destination Zone level, for the most recent time period. The distribution of industries shown here can be selected at the 1 or 2-digit ANZSIC classification level, and the table below the map shows a further breakdown into more detailed business categories. For more information, including actual business locations and name and address details, LGAs are entitled to access the raw ABR unit record dataset directly from the ATO.

Australian Business Register - filtered counts

Current at 3rd Jun 2019

Cairns - Number of businesses by destination zone
Australian business register by industry sector
IndustryANZSIC codeNumber%
Poultry Processing111230.6
Seafood Processing112071.5
Ice Cream Manufacturing113240.8
Cheese and Other Dairy Product Manufacturing113300.0
Fruit and Vegetable Processing114040.8
Oil and Fat Manufacturing115000.0
Cake and Pastry Manufacturing (Factory based)117261.3
Bakery Product Manufacturing (Non-factory based)1174245.1
Sugar Manufacturing118100.0
Prepared Animal and Bird Feed Manufacturing119200.0
Other Food Product Manufacturing nec119961.3
Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing121140.8
Beer Manufacturing121230.6
Leather Tanning, Fur Dressing and Leather Product Manufacturing132040.8
Textile Floor Covering Manufacturing133130.6
Rope, Cordage and Twine Manufacturing133230.6
Cut and Sewn Textile Product Manufacturing1333143.0
Textile Finishing and Other Textile Product Manufacturing133440.8
Clothing Manufacturing1351102.1
Log Sawmilling141130.6
Prefabricated Wooden Building Manufacturing149130.6
Wooden Structural Fitting and Component Manufacturing1492153.2
Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing149400.0
Other Wood Product Manufacturing nec149930.6
Printing Support Services161240.8
Reproduction of Recorded Media162000.0
Other Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing170900.0
Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing181200.0
Synthetic Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing182100.0
Fertiliser Manufacturing183100.0
Pesticide Manufacturing183200.0
Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing184100.0
Veterinary Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing184200.0
Cleaning Compound Manufacturing185130.6
Cosmetic and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing185230.6
Explosive Manufacturing189230.6
Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing nec189900.0
Rigid and Semi-Rigid Polymer Product Manufacturing191251.1
Polymer Foam Product Manufacturing191330.6
Adhesive Manufacturing191500.0
Other Polymer Product Manufacturing191991.9
Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing192000.0
Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing201061.3
Other Ceramic Product Manufacturing202930.6
Concrete Product Manufacturing203430.6
Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing2090102.1
Iron Smelting and Steel Manufacturing211061.3
Iron and Steel Casting212100.0
Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing212200.0
Aluminium Rolling, Drawing, Extruding214200.0
Structural Steel Fabricating2221112.3
Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing2222112.3
Architectural Aluminium Product Manufacturing222391.9
Metal Roof and Guttering Manufacturing (except Aluminium)222430.6
Other Structural Metal Product Manufacturing222940.8
Boiler, Tank and Other Heavy Gauge Metal Container Manufacturing2231153.2
Other Metal Container Manufacturing223930.6
Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing (except Metal Structural and Container Products)224030.6
Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing229100.0
Metal Coating and Finishing2293102.1
Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing nec2299204.2
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing231130.6
Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing231271.5
Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing231981.7
Shipbuilding and Repair Services2391183.8
Boatbuilding and Repair Services2392183.8
Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair Services2394214.4
Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing nec239900.0
Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing2412112.3
Other Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing241900.0
Computer and Electronic Office Equipment Manufacturing242130.6
Communication Equipment Manufacturing242230.6
Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing242940.8
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing243200.0
Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing243951.1
Fixed Space Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing245230.6
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing246130.6
Mining and Construction Machinery Manufacturing246240.8
Machine Tool and Parts Manufacturing246330.6
Other Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing246930.6
Lifting and Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing249130.6
Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing nec249930.6
Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Manufacturing2511275.7
Metal Furniture Manufacturing251251.1
Other Furniture Manufacturing251900.0
Jewellery and Silverware Manufacturing259191.9
Toy, Sporting and Recreational Product Manufacturing259240.8
Other Manufacturing nec259981.7

Source: Australian Business Register. Compiled and presented in by .id , the population experts.