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Camden Council area

About the area

Name origin

The Camden Council area is named after Lord Camden, former Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. Camden is called the “Birthplace of the Wealth of the Nation” in recognition of the commencement of Australia’s wool industry in the area.

Location and boundaries

The Camden Council area is located in Sydney’s south-western suburbs, about 60 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. The Camden Council area is bounded by Liverpool City in the north, Campbelltown City in the east, and Wollondilly Shire in the south and west.

Included areas

The Camden Council area includes the suburbs and localities of Bickley Vale, Bringelly (part), Camden, Camden South, Catherine Field, Cawdor (part), Cobbitty, Currans Hill, Elderslie, Ellis Lane, Gledswood Hills, Grasmere, Gregory Hills (part), Harrington Park, Kirkham, Leppington (part), Mount Annan (part), Narellan, Narellan Vale, Oran Park, Rossmore (part), Smeaton Grange and Spring Farm.

Land use

The Camden Council area is a rapidly growing residential area, with rural, industrial and commercial areas. The Council area encompasses a total land area of about 200 square kilometres. Rural land is used largely for agriculture.


The Camden Council area is served by the Camden Airport.

Settlement history

European settlement dates from 1805 when John Macarthur was granted 5,000 acres of land for sheep breeding. Population was minimal until the 1840s when land was subdivided. Gradual growth took place in the late 1800s. Significant development did not occur until the 1980s. Rapid growth occurred from the early 1990s, with the population almost doubling between 1991 and 2001, and substantial growth continuing between 2001 and 2011. The population of the Council area increased from about 22,000 in 1991 to over 56,000 in 2011. Most of this growth has been in the south-eastern suburbs of Currans Hill, Harrington Park, Mount Annan and Narellan Vale, and more recently in the southern suburbs of Elderslie and Spring Farm. Growth is expected to continue, as existing release areas continue to be developed and new release areas in the north of the Council area begin development.

Indigenous background

The original inhabitants of the Camden area were the Tharawal and Gundungurra Aboriginal people.