Cradle Coast RegionEconomic profile
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Cradle Coast Region Economic Profile

What is is a comprehensive economic profile of your Local Government Area, providing you with access to a range of different datasets to build a cohesive story of your local economy, how it is changing and how it compares to other areas.
Cradle Coast Region

What does it look like? is presented online as a web application. It includes tables, charts and maps with benchmarking, time series and written analysis on trends and key points of interest.

What information is included? provides comprehensive data structured to build a narrative about the local economy.

  • Home
  • About the area
  • Infrastructure
Economic indicators
  • Population
  • Gross product
  • Unemployment
  • Building approvals
  • Retail trade
  • Consumer Price Index
Workforce profiles
  • Employment (Census)
  • Key statistics
  • Age structure
  • Hours worked
  • Occupations
  • Qualifications
  • Field of Qualification
  • Income
  • Gross Regional Product
  • Employment (FTE)
  • Employment (total)
  • Value added
  • Output
  • Exports
  • Imports
  • Local sales
  • Worker productivity
  • Businesses

Skills available

  • Key statistics
  • Industry
  • Age structure
  • Hours worked
  • Occupations
  • Qualifications
  • Field of qualification
  • Income
  • Industry sector analysis
Spatial economy
  • Employment locations
Journey to work
  • Workers place of residence
    by industry
  • Residents place of work
    by industry
  • Workers place of residence
    by occupation
  • Residents place of residence
    by occupation
Self containment
  • Employment self-containment
  • Employment self-sufficiency
Local market
  • Market characteristics
What if analysis
  • Economic impact model
  • Supporting information

How often is the data updated?

Data in is regularly updated. Economic indicators are updated quarterly. Modelled data on employment, industry value, and business counts are updated annually and Census data every 5 years. Notifications of updates are provided in the news section on the home page.

Where does the data come from?

Because reliable primary economic data sets generally only exist at the national and state level at best, we partner with National Economics (NIEIR). NIEIR are recognised as industry leaders in the development and provision of robust economic modelling at the LGA level. Other data sources in include:

  • ABS Census
  • ABS Place of Work
  • ABS Journey to Work
  • ABS Business Register
  • ABS National Accounts
  • ABS Labour Force Survey
  • Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Small Area Labour Markets
  • ABS Building Approvals
  • ABS Estimated Resident Population (ERP)
  • ABS Consumer Price Index
  • ABS Retail Business Survey

How can I access the Cradle Coast Region economic profile?

The Cradle Coast Region economic profile can be accessed via the Cradle Coast Region website or at: