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Business locations - Preschool and School Education

Preschool and School Education has 17 active and registered for GST businesses in the Cumberland Council. The largest subcategory within this is Preschool Education.

The Australian Business Register is a register of all business entities and sole traders in Australia, based on Australian Business Numbers (ABNs), maintained by the Australian Taxation Office.

Data from the ABR is useful in planning and economic development, to identify the spatial patterns of businesses across the Cumberland Council, clusters and change in business growth patterns across the area.

The raw business register dataset contains large numbers of ABNs which are not relevant to local government planning, including trusts, superannuation funds, non-active businesses and micro businesses not registered for GST. These have been filtered out of the data presented here, to provide a more meaningful dataset for Local Government Decision making.

Data are presented as aggregates of ABNs at the Destination Zone level, for the most recent time period. The distribution of industries shown here can be selected at the 1 or 2-digit ANZSIC classification level, and the table below the map shows a further breakdown into more detailed business categories. For more information, including actual business locations and name and address details, LGAs are entitled to access the raw ABR unit record dataset directly from the ATO.

Data source

Australian Business Register - filtered counts - Current at 16th Dec 2019

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Australian business register by industry sector
Cumberland Council - Preschool and School Education Cumberland Council
IndustryANZSIC codeNumber%.
Preschool Education80101376.5
Primary Education802100
Secondary Education802200
Combined Primary and Secondary Education8023423.5
Special School Education802400
Preschool and School Education -1799.9999

Source: Australian Business Register. Compiled and presented in by .id the population experts.

Please refer to specific data notes for more information

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