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Livingstone Shire is located in Central Queensland. The Shire encompasses a total land area of about 11,800 square kilometres. Livingstone Shire includes significant rural and rural-residential areas and growing urban areas. The main urban centre is Yeppoon, with a smaller urban centre at Emu Park. The Shire is home to numerous small towns and villages, both along the coast and in the rural hinterland, including Byfield, Cawarral, Farnborough, Keppel Sands, Marlborough, Ogmore, Stanage Bay, The Caves and Yaamba. Rural land is used mainly for agriculture and forestry, with some mining.

Key employment sectors in Livingstone Shire include accommodation and food services, retail trade, education and training, tourism industry occupations, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture forestry and fishing. Tourism is an important industry, with the Shire being home to various small islands (including Great Keppel Island), numerous national parks, conservation parks and regional parks, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, various caves, numerous beaches, and a number of resorts and accommodation places. The main retail areas are located in the townships of Yeppoon (the Yeppoon Town Centre, Keppel Bay Plaza and Yeppoon Central Shopping Centre) and Emu Park (Emu Park Village Centre). Educational facilities are provided at Central Queensland University (Yeppoon Study Centre) and a number of primary and secondary schools. The main industrial area is located in the Yeppoon township. Agricultural pursuits focus largely on cattle grazing, pineapple growing and fruit growing, while forestry is also an important industry with various state forests in the Shire.

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Transportation Networks

  • Bruce Highway (also known as Kunwarara Road and Yaamba Road)


  • Brisbane CBD 600km
  • Rockhampton CBD 40km

Major Industrial Precincts

  • Yeppoon (north of Yeppoon Road, around Tanby Road)

Livingstone Shire

economic profile