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Businesses by industry

The Construction industry had the largest number of total registered businesses in City of Port Adelaide Enfield, comprising 16.1% of all total registered businesses, compared to 15.1% in South Australia.

Registered business by industry shows how many businesses there are in City of Port Adelaide Enfield within each industry sector using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Business Register which itself is derived from the GST register held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Businesses are included if they are registered with the ATO, with an ABN used within the previous two financial years. Businesses are split up between employing and non-employing businesses. Non-employing businesses may include sole traders and registered ABNs which are part of larger enterprises.

The distribution of businesses may reflect the industry structure of the area, or may differ significantly. For instance, the largest industry in an area may consist of one very large business, with a large number of employees, while a sector with a lower value added could have a lot of small and micro businesses.

The number of businesses in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield should be viewed in conjunction with Employment by industry (Total) and Value added datasets to see the relative size of industries, and with Employment locations data to see where business employment occurs within the area.

Please note that this data set has several limitations which are explained in the data notes for this topic. Business register counts are an approximation to LGA boundaries based on SA2 level data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. As such, they may not exactly match figures sourced directly from the ATO, due to boundary issues and the application of ABS randomisation to the dataset. Notably, public sector institutions are not recorded which has a significant impact on the numbers for Health Care, Education and Public Administration and Safety.

Data source

Australian Bureau of Statistics – Business register – originally sourced from ATO data

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Registered businesses by industry
City of Port Adelaide Enfield - Total registered businesses20182017change
IndustryNumber%. % South AustraliaNumber%. % South Australia2017 to 2018
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing1131.311.61101.312.1+4
Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services470.50.4450.50.3+2
Wholesale Trade4424.93.44385.23.4+4
Retail Trade6006.65.66107.25.8-10
Accommodation and Food Services4184.64.04084.84.0+10
Transport, Postal and Warehousing1,35415.06.61,05912.65.9+295
Information Media and Telecommunications640.70.6600.70.6+4
Financial and Insurance Services4635.110.34225.010.5+42
Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services98710.911.596111.411.6+26
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services6457.19.36177.39.3+28
Administrative and Support Services5756.33.64935.83.4+82
Public Administration and Safety420.50.3270.30.3+15
Education and Training971.11.0891.11.0+7
Health Care and Social Assistance4635.16.14084.86.0+55
Arts and Recreation Services700.81.0841.01.0-13
Other Services5275.84.24925.84.1+35
Industry not classified931.00.9861.00.9+7
Total business9,054100.0100.08,437100.0100.0+617

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, 2016 to 2018 Note: Non-employing businesses includes sole proprietors where the proprietor does not receive a wage or salary separate to the business income. .id the population experts

Please refer to specific data notes for more information

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

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