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Yorke Peninsula Council area

Industry composition

In 2018, the Household services sector accounted for 33.5% of employment in RDA Yorke and Mid North Region. The importance of this sector has increased over the last 10 years (29.4% in 2007)

Understanding the economic role of RDA Yorke and Mid North Region provides a framework for understanding what policy responses and investment may be appropriate to support the growth of businesses and maintenance of a vibrant economy in the future.

The charts and table below give a broad overview of the role and function of your economy. It helps answer questions such as:

  • How much of the RDA Yorke and Mid North Region's economy is driven by meeting the local population needs?
  • What proportion of jobs in the area are in goods production or selling of products?
  • In which broad sectors are the key strengths of the local economy?
  • What contribution do business services make in your area and is it growing?
  • Is there a presence of local, state and federal government workers in in the area?

Once you have developed a broad picture of your economy, you can then drill down further with all the detail here.

Employment composition
Employment composition Mining, 2018: 1.3% Public administration and safety, 2018: 4.3% Business services, 2018: 8.5% Goods related, 2018: 26.2% Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 2018: 26.2% Household services, 2018: 33.5% Mining, 2013: 3.1% Public administration and safety, 2013: 3.5% Business services, 2013: 7.6% Goods related, 2013: 28.0% Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 2013: 27.5% Household services, 2013: 30.3% Mining, 2008: 1.4% Public administration and safety, 2008: 3.8% Business services, 2008: 6.1% Goods related, 2008: 30.5% Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 2008: 28.9% Household services, 2008: 29.4%
Source: National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) ©2018
Compiled and presented in economy.id by .id the population experts
Employment composition
Yorke Peninsula Council area201820132008
Household services1,42433.51,29230.31,30729.4
Agriculture, forestry and fishing1,11726.21,17327.51,28028.9
Goods related1,11526.21,19528.01,35130.5
Business services3618.53257.62716.1
Public administration and safety1824.31503.51673.8

Source: National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) ©2018. Compiled and presented in economy.id by .id , the population experts.

Data are based on a 2016-17 price base for all years. NIEIR-ID data are inflation adjusted each year to allow direct comparison, and annual data releases adjust previous years’ figures to a new base year.Learn more