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The Toowoomba Region encompasses a total land area of about 13,000 square kilometres and is a growing residential area, with significant rural and rural-residential areas, and some industrial and commercial land use. The main urban centre is Toowoomba, with smaller urban areas in the townships of Clifton, Crows Nest, Goombungee, Millmerran, Oakey, Pittsworth and Yarraman, and numerous villages. Rural land is used largely for beef and dairy cattle, crop and cereal growing, vegetable growing and sheep grazing, with some energy production, forestry and tourism.

Key employment sectors include retail, health & community services, manufacturing, and education. Toowoomba’s major retail centre is the Toowoomba CBD, with other major centres being Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre (Newtown), Toowoomba K-Mart Plaza (Kearneys Spring) and Wilsonton Shopping Centre, with numerous smaller centres. Toowoomba features two major public hospitals (Baillie Henderson Hospital and Toowoomba Base Hospital), two major private hospitals (St Vincent’s Hospital and St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital) and several smaller hospitals. The main industrial areas are located in suburbs to the west of the Toowoomba CBD (Charlton, Drayton, Glenvale, Harristown, Rockville, Torrington, Wellcamp and Wilsonton), with some industrial areas in suburbs closer to the CBD (Harlaxton, North Toowoomba, South Toowoomba and Toowoomba City). Toowoomba features two tertiary institutions (Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE and University of Southern Queensland) and numerous private and public schools.

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NOTE: The land use shown in the map is derived from ABS Mesh Block categories. Mesh Blocks broadly identify land use and are not designed to provide definitive land use. It is purely an indicator of the main planned land use for a Mesh Blocks. For more information please refer to ABS Mesh Block categories.

Transportation Networks

  • Daguilar Highway
  • Gore Highway
  • New England Highway
  • Warrego Highway
  • Toowoomba Airport
  • Westlander train


  • Brisbane CBD 125km
  • Brisbane Airport 140km
  • Port of Brisbane 155km

Major Industrial Precincts

  • Drayton (north-eastern section)
  • Harlaxton (southern section)
  • Harristown (western section)
  • Rockville (eastern section)
  • South Toowoomba (northern section)
  • Toowoomba City (southern section)
  • Torrington (eastern section)
  • Wilsonton (western section)

Toowoomba Regional Council

economic profile