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Between the week ending 18 June 2022 and 10 June 2023, payroll jobs in Charters Towers - Ayr - Ingham SA3 changed by +17.63 per cent.

Payroll jobs estimates provide near real-time information about the performance of local labour markets. This data helps us to understand the impact and recovery of local areas throughout the pandemic.

Payroll jobs data is based on where employees live, rather than where they work. Payroll job estimates are not seasonally adjusted and will show a high degree of seasonable change during holiday periods. The payroll job data presented on this page is based on the SA3s which are located in Charters Towers Regional Council LGA.

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Please be aware that The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have suspended the release of sub-state level payroll information. What you see on our site is from the last published dataset in June 2023.
Start Week:
18 June 2022
Comparison Week:
10 June 2023
Current SA3:
Charters Towers - Ayr - Ingham
Current Benchmark:
Week range:
04 Jan 202025 Apr 202015 Aug 202005 Dec 202027 Mar 202117 July 202106 Nov 202126 Feb 202218 June 202208 Oct 202228 Jan 202320 May 2023


  • Payroll jobs in Charters Towers - Ayr - Ingham SA3 changed by +17.63 per cent between weeks ending 18 June 2022 and 10 June 2023.
  • That change for that period (+17.63%) was smaller than Queensland (+21.90%).
  • In Charters Towers - Ayr - Ingham, payroll jobs in the week ending 10 June 2023 were +5.99 per cent above the pre-pandemic level (14 March 2020).
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