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There were an estimated 891 total GST registered businesses in Edward River Council in the Dec-23 quarter. There were 2 new businesses and 15 business GST cancellations in the same quarter.

The Australian Business Register (ABR) is a register of all business entities and sole traders in Australia, based on Australian Business Numbers (ABNs), maintained by the Australian Taxation Office.

While ABR business data does not pick up all operations in a region (some companies are not registered at the location where they undertake commercial operations), the time-series data can be quite insightful. It can give you an indication of the short-term impacts of macro-events, and can also offer a sign as to how favourable local conditions are to establishing new businesses during normal times.

COVID-19 pandemic is producing business conditions substantially different from normal. Using the Business Trends page will allow users to monitor the impact of COVID-19 locally and particularly how each industry is being affected. This dataset should be viewed in conjunction with COVID-19 Economic Outlook page to understand the magnitude and the direction of the impact of COVID-19 on economic value and employment.

Changes in business counts by industry can show structural shifts within the economy and identify growth and declining industries. For example, growth industries will have high entry and exit rates due to the high failure rates of first movers and smaller high growth enterprises. Declining sectors will have low entry and high exit rates.

The raw business register dataset contains large numbers of ABNs which are not relevant to local government planning, including trusts, superannuation funds, non-active businesses and micro businesses not registered for GST. These have been filtered out of the data presented here, to provide a more meaningful dataset for Local Government Decision making.

Data are presented as aggregates of ABNs at the Local Government level for each of the time period. The graph of the number of GST registered businesses, the number of new GST registered businesses, and the number of cancelled GST registerations can be selected at the 1-digit ANZSIC classification level. For more information, including actual business locations and name and address details, LGAs are entitled to access the raw ABR unit record dataset directly from the ATO.

Data source

Australian Business Register - filtered counts - Current at May 2024

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Business trends by industry sector
Edward River Council - All industries
QuarterNumber of registered businessesNew GST RegistrationCancelled GST RegistrationNet change
Dec-2023 891215-13
Sep-2023 9041418-4
Jun-2023 9081811+7
Mar-2023 9011817+1
Dec-2022 9002819+9
Sep-2022 8913325+8
Jun-2022 8832821+7
Mar-2022 876255+20
Dec-2021 8562810+18
Sep-2021 8383622+14
Jun-2021 824317+24
Mar-2021 800198+11
Dec-2020 7891816+2
Sep-2020 7873012+18
Jun-2020 769125+7
Mar-2020 7622310+13
Dec-2019 749819-11
Sep-2019 7601715+2
Jun-2019 758146+8
Mar-2019 750115+6
Dec-2018 744157+8
Sep-2018 7362213+9
Jun-2018 7271216-4
Mar-2018 731169+7
Dec-2017 7241713+4
Sep-2017 7202012+8
Jun-2017 7121817+1
Mar-2017 7111810+8
Dec-2016 7031514+1
Sep-2016 7022714+13
Jun-2016 6891319-6
Mar-2016 695109+1
Dec-2015 694713-6
Sep-2015 7002218+4
Jun-2015 6961813+5
Mar-2015 69112120

Source: Australian Business Register. ©2024 Compiled and presented in economy.id by .id (informed decisions).

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