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City of Whitehorse

Local employment

There were [Econ_Ind_LocalJobsLite].[LocalJobNumber].{0:#,#} jobs located in the City of Whitehorse in the year ending June [Econ_Ind_LocalJobsLite].[YearEnding].

This indicator shows the estimated number of jobs in the local area, on an annual basis back to 2001. The dataset is derived from the National Economics microsimulation model, based on the ABS labour force survey, and is generally higher than the figure provided by Census, because it is updated every year, and is not subject to Census undercount.

A count of jobs is one of the most fundamental economic indicators of the size of the local economy, and increasing numbers of jobs generally represent a growing economy. However, jobs are not necessarily full-time and the value of a job varies across areas. For this reason, jobs numbers should be viewed in conjunction with Employment by industry (FTE) and Worker Productivity datasets.

Local jobs
Local jobs
Source: National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) ©2016
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