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Consumer Price Index

In the year to [Econ_Ind_CPI].[Month] [Econ_Ind_CPI].[Year], the CPI for [Econ_Ind_CPI].[AreaName] [Econ_Ind_CPI].[Compared_CPIPerRate] [Econ_Ind_CPI].[CPIPerRate].{0:' '0.0'%';' '0.0'%';''}. During the same period, the CPI for the eight capital cities in Australia [Econ_Ind_CPI].[Compared_CPIPerRateBM] [Econ_Ind_CPI].[CPIPerRateBM].{0:' '0.0'%';' '0.0'%';''}.

The Consumer Price Index is an indicator of the inflation rate run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It measures the changing price of a fixed basket of goods and services purchased by the average household in 8 capital cities around Australia. This is combined into an index number, calculated quarterly, and the percentage change for the year to the latest quarter is shown.

Data on CPI is a proxy for the rate of inflation in the consumer sector, and does not necessarily translate into inflation for goods purchased by industry. However it is an easily accessible measure of the inflation rate and can be used to assess the changing value of money over time. CPI is not available for small areas, so the nearest capital city rate is shown on

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Consumer Price Index, Australia, catalogue number 6401.0. Compiled and presented in by .id the population experts