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In 2015/16, the total value of agricultural output in Bellingen Shire was $17m. The largest commodity produced was Milk, which accounted for 47.9% of Bellingen Shire’s total agricultural output in value terms.

Agricultural production is a very important contributor to Australia's economy, and is a key industry in many rural and regional areas, as well as some outer metropolitan areas.

The data presented here are sourced from the 2015-16 Agricultural Census, run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The data show the gross value of agricultural commodities in broad categories, measured across two Agricultural Census periods.

Agriculture value data should be viewed in conjunction with the Industry Sector Analysis page for the Agriculture sector, which has modelled estimates of the size of the industry on an annual basis. The Employment Locations page will show where agricultural activity is taking place and the Workforce Profiles section will reveal the characteristics of agricultural workers.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - Value of Agricultural Commodities Produce 2015-16

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Value of agricultural production
Bellingen Shire2015/16
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$%New South Wales%Bellingen Shire as a % of New South Wales
Cereal crops180,1641.123.10.0
Other broadacre crops--------
Nurseries & cut flowers180,2701.12.30.1
Crops for Hay165,8611.02.50.1
Citrus fruit2870.01.40.0
Grapes (wine and table)2,1980.01.60.0
Other fruit807,1334.72.10.3
Livestock slaughterings6,835,43840.133.60.2

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia, 2015-16. Cat. No. 7503.0

Value of agricultural production 2015/16
Value of agricultural production 2015/16 Cereal crops, New South Wales: 23.1% Nurseries & cut flowers, New South Wales: 2.3% Crops for Hay, New South Wales: 2.5% Vegetables, New South Wales: 3.2% Citrus fruit, New South Wales: 1.4% Grapes (wine and table), New South Wales: 1.6% Other fruit, New South Wales: 2.1% Nuts, New South Wales: 1.2% Wool, New South Wales: 7.2% Milk, New South Wales: 4.5% Eggs, New South Wales: 2.0% Livestock slaughterings, New South Wales: 33.6% Cereal crops, Bellingen Shire: 1.1% Nurseries & cut flowers, Bellingen Shire: 1.1% Crops for Hay, Bellingen Shire: 1.0% Vegetables, Bellingen Shire: 2.9% Citrus fruit, Bellingen Shire: 0.0% Grapes (wine and table), Bellingen Shire: 0.0% Other fruit, Bellingen Shire: 4.7% Nuts, Bellingen Shire: 1.3% Wool, Bellingen Shire: 0.0% Milk, Bellingen Shire: 47.9% Eggs, Bellingen Shire: 0.0% Livestock slaughterings, Bellingen Shire: 40.1%
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia, 2015-16. Cat. No. 7503.0