Eurobodalla Shire

Characteristics of the unemployed

7.1% of the resident workforce of Eurobodalla Shire were unemployed in 2016, compared to 6.3% in New South Wales.

The local unemployed resident includes all people who are residents in the local area who are looking for part-time or full-time work. This is an important resource for the local economy, their characteristics inform us about the skills that are available locally, even if they are not currently employed in the local economy.

For an overview of unemployment levels and trends in Eurobodalla Shire go to the Unemployment page.

Data source

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – Census 2016 and 2011 – by usual residence

Current benchmark:
Resident workers key statistics
Eurobodalla Shire20162011change
Namenumber%. % New South Walesnumber%. % New South Wales2011 to 2016
Key statistics
Total persons986100.0100.01,016100.0100.0-30
Unemployment rate--7.16.3--7.594.1-0.4%
Age structure
15 - 24 years25525.933.126726.32.1-12
25 - 54 years49550.252.956255.33.4-67
55 - 64 years20620.912.316215.90.7+44
65 years and over252.51.8212.10.1+4
Looking for
Full-time work60861.755.064663.63.7-38
Part-time work37838.345.036636.02.5+12
Bachelor or higher degree808.120.4666.51.0+14
Advanced diploma or diploma697.08.2525.10.5+17
Certificate level27127.518.428928.41.1-18
No qualifications50050.749.655154.23.3-51
Highest level of schooling
Year 1234935.457.130029.53.2+49
Year 1110210.38.211811.60.5-16
Under Year 1050150.832.357856.92.4-77
Education institute attending
Not Attending81282.470.483482.14.5-22
Secondary school454.66.3383.70.3+7
Field of qualification
Natural and Physical Sciences111.11.730.30.1+8
Information Technology40.43.0181.80.2-14
Engineering and Related Technologies727.36.8757.40.4-3
Architecture and Building454.62.3515.00.2-6
Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies161.61.1212.10.1-5
Management and Commerce909.113.5767.50.8+14
Society and Culture575.87.1595.80.4-2
Creative Arts252.53.0181.80.2+7
Food, Hospitality and Personal Services424.33.2424.10.2--
Mixed Field Programmes000.20--0.0--
Other characteristics
Speaks a language other than English at home373.835.5353.41.9+2
Arrived between 2011 to 9 Aug 2016121.212.9--------
Has internet access at home75876.985.974773.55.1+11
Has child care responsibilities (own or others)25125.527.533933.41.8-88

Eurobodalla Shire Council

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