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Building approvals

The value of building approvals in City of Parramatta was $2b in the 2019-20 Dec FYTD financial year.

This dataset shows the total assessed value of building approvals for construction in City of Parramatta by financial year in millions of dollars. The dataset is updated monthly to include the current financial year to date, and includes residential and non-residential building approvals separately. The percentage of the state total is shown.

Building approvals for an area can be highly variable over time, particularly in the non-residential sector. Construction may take several years from the date of approval. A high rate of building approvals can indicate a growth area with a construction-led economy. A low rate of building approvals may indicate a settled area with established infrastructure, or an area with little growth. Note that this dataset is not adjusted for inflation.

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Value of total building approvals
City of ParramattaNew South Wales
Financial yearResidential $('000') Non-residential $('000')Total $('000')Residential $('000')Non-residential $('000')Total $('000')City of Parramatta as a % of New South Wales
2019-20 Dec FYTD664,2801,080,5681,744,8489,000,1509,833,90318,834,0539.3%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Building Approvals, Australia, catalogue number 8731.0. Compiled and presented in by .id the population experts

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